That's a wonderful question. An associate photographer is a photographer who works on the Autumn Kern Photo team, has been trained by Autumn, and is available to shoot weddings when Autumn is already booked on a particular date. Associate photographers shoot similarly to Autumn and believe in the team's philosophy of serving clients well. If you have an associate photographer at your wedding, you will receive the exact same treatment as you would with Autumn but at a slightly lower price point. Additionally, Autumn edits all of the photos that come through AKP, so even if you have an associate photographer, your photos will be personally edited by Autumn. 

KRISTE JANCZYK, associate photographer


Kriste is the first associate photographer to join the AKP team. She is the creative force behind the blog, Rosemary and Thymeand her work has been featured on, The Knot: Pennsylvania and Delaware, Deeply Rooted Magazine, Artful Blogging, Trouvé Magazine, Miss Mustard Seed, and many more. Kriste joined the team in 2016 and will be shooting her own weddings during the 2017 season. She is a passionate artist, a self-proclaimed free spirit, and a dear friend. She shoots with an eye for detail and the mark of simplicity. 


Bethany Jenkins, associate photographer

Bethany is the second associate photographer to join the AKP team. She is a freelance photographer and videographer in Lancaster, PA. She joined the team in early 2018 and will be taking her own weddings this fall. She is passionate about being an artist, a mother, and living a creative lifestyle. 


Booking occurs like every other wedding: first come, first served. Your first few emails (through booking) will be with Autumn, but once you book with an associate, you will be emailing with both Autumn and the associate. Just like with Autumn, your associate photographer will arrive at your wedding day during the getting ready phase and leave sometime around your exit. After the associate delivers the images to Autumn, she'll start editing and get your wedding photos to you within 4-6 weeks of your wedding date. 

photograph by Kriste Janczyk

photograph by Kriste Janczyk

photograph by Kriste Janczyk

photograph by Kriste Janczyk


Our associate photographer price is $3,000.00 with travel fees, with half due at the signing of the contract as a retainer fee. Just like the coverage with Autumn, our associate photographer coverage includes: 

  • Consultation meeting: often completed over Skype or FaceTime, a consultation meeting is about 30 minutes and serves as a time for us to get to know one another better and discuss the many details of your wedding day. A detailed questionnaire follows the consultation. 
  • Up to 9 hour of wedding coverage: I've learned that a 9 hour spread covers everything from the end of getting ready until the end of your reception. 
  • A day-of schedule: To ensure that every important moment is covered in the 9 hour spread, I create your wedding schedule based on your goals and visions of the day. 
  • Photo gallery: Your images are delivered through Pixieset and the collection includes full personal printing and distribution rights to every high-resolution photo in your wedding gallery. You may print and hand out your photos, personally, for as long as you wish. 
  • 1 photographer: Kriste or Bethany will be your photographer. 


Our philosophy remains the same, no matter who is shooting your wedding. 

Our wedding coverage is a little different than most, because we don't offer multiple-hour packages. We hold the philosophy that as wedding photographers, we should be more interested in our craft and your day than how many hours we're clocking. 

We believe that choosing your wedding photographer(s) is one of the most important decisions you'll make while planning your wedding. Yes, your dress will be amazing and you'll probably want delicious food, and I believe those things do matter. With the exception of your photos, however, nothing lasts past your wedding day. Your venue will be used by another couple, your dress will hang in your closet, the beer will (most likely) be gone. Most importantly, you'll have your spouse, but we hope you also have a collection of images that can remind you over and over again of the covenant you entered on your wedding day. That's the point of the wedding after all. 

Our shooting style is very laid-back and detail-oriented - we often use the word "photojournalism" to describe our work.  Our goal is to capture the emotion and humanness that exists in every relationship but is unique to each couple. We don't run through shot lists. Every photograph we take is directed by your natural interactions with one another, combined with our creative direction. You'll find that our wedding coverage focuses on documenting the day and not just handing you a gallery full of random photographs.