There was a snowstorm. Like an all-out blizzard. And it didn’t even matter to these two. They were ridiculously happy to be married finally.

A good wedding photographer – or just a good person – will remind you that the wedding is about the marriage; not the details, or dress, or playlist, or food. But then we, as photographers, follow up our public service announcement with a gorgeous picture of a happy couple with perfectly situated details and flowers from heaven surrounded by a perfect golden glow.

I mean it. I’ve done that post before.

While I’m tempted to do it again right this very second, I won’t have a gorgeous couple photo to follow because – guess what – we never made it to couple photos on Abbyrae and Dan’s wedding day. The snow kept falling and the roads were too dangerous, and halfway out to our location my windshield wipers froze and wouldn’t work. By the time we were rescued by a groomsman and made it back into town to the reception, it was pitch-black dark and there was no real hope of a portrait session.

And Dan and Abbyrae were still giddy and happy and thrilled to be married.

Cheers to these two. They’re coming back up in a few weeks so we can get those gloriously golden wedding portraits, but until then, enjoy all of these individual portraits of them.