To those of you who thought this was maybe a, er, pregnancy announcement, we're sorry. It's not. 

The first time Josh (ever so) shyly mentioned getting married, we were talking about moving abroad together. The year before we met, I spent a semester living in Florence, Italy, and as dramatic as it sounds - trust me, I know - I've never loved a place more. Most of my thoughts during my last year of college revolved around ways to get back. Josh traveled through Europe when his older brother was living in Prague and has an equally-matched appreciation for Europe. It was only natural that we dreamt of moving there together one day. So, we're going back.

We've never been travelers that enjoy popping in and out of six cities in fourteen days, and our hope has always been to truly learn from our visits in different cultures. For that reason, we'll have "bases" while we're abroad. We are renting apartments in four cities over four months so that we can truly experience life as American expats abroad. While we'll have "homes", we will be traveling in the surrounding areas so that we can take advantage of our time abroad (although, this is the start of a huge travel plan). 

As we mentioned in our video, we already are partnering with lifestyle magazines and businesses for photo essays, travel guides, and product photography. If you would like more information on pricing for these projects, please contact us here. We are also booking for all portrait, wedding, and lifestyle work while abroad. To receive more pricing and information, please contact us here. We will travel to locations outside of our chosen countries based on the needs of our clients.

If you share our video, tell a friend, or email a family member and they book with us (through you!), we'll send you a thank-you gift straight from Europe. And we're only talking about the good stuff (think Italian olive oil, Belgium chocolate, and more). 

We cannot wait to get back to Europe. While we are still hammering out the final details, we do have a loose itinerary to share right now:

January & February - Florence, Italy
March - Berlin, Germany
April - London, England & Dublin, Ireland

We're going to run you wild, Europe.


Josh & Autumn

Also, a huge thank you to Kriste of Rosemary & Thyme for not only helping with filming, but styling our set, and to Miss Mustard Seed for allowing us the use of her gorgeous studio space.