If you know us in real life, you know that I am often spouting one of my theories. And I'm usually pretty spot-on. I recently have formed one about weddings: you can tell how a wedding will go within the first five minutes of showing up to the "getting ready" locations. I swear. Try it. TEST IT. I dare you. 

I pulled up the long driveway to Meg's house - hoping for a sign that I was at the right house - and slowly rolled to a stop as two small dogs ran around my tires. Out of the front door came Meg running barefoot and yelling, "Hi!" excitedly. "Meg, I can't see your dogs!" "Oh, you can just hit them! I'm so glad you're here!" I followed behind her into into house where her family welcomed me and offered me some water or protein. Not food, protein specifically. Three seconds later Meg was back, asking if I needed some protein. 

About two hours later, I pulled up to Fox Chase glancing around for anyone that looked like he could be a groomsman. I walked around before bumping into Matt (I have amazing groomsman-locating senses!) who figured out where we were meeting Josh. Two steps into the reception hall and a grinning Josh began thanking me for coming while bear-hugging me. The groomsmen casually huddled up to sit down and hang out before they actually needed to start getting dressed. A few minutes later, I was being offered a beer. 

So how was this wedding? It was calm and joyful and full of all-around good feels. Family members were celebrating, friends traveled from far to promise to help these two uphold their vows, and there was ice cream. There were tears and there was dancing. A time for reverent worship and a time for wild shenanigans. 

These two are something else. I'm honored that they allowed me to enter their world and to be a witness to their wedding covenant. Every part of their story feels right, feels holy.