I posted a small snap on Instagram a few days ago that alluded to my sincere trouble with understanding and articulating my feelings, and how I use music to bridge the gap. Getting lost in the sounds of a song and the colors around me helps, even if I can't pinpoint why. It seems like quite a few of you understand this. And that was nice to realize through the weird social thing that is Instagram. Strangers that are kind of friends. Online.

Whatever. Camaraderie. 

Last year, if you were around way back then, I ran a series called "Weekend Wander". It included a playlist, a recipe, and a frame from our week. Like all things that require consistency and obligation in my life, it quickly fell to the wayside as I found it more of a burden than the creative outlet I hoped it might be. I have a major short-term memory problem and I'm here to start something up again. Because this time it might be different. 

No promises on how often you'll see one of these. For all my music people out there, these are for you. Oh, and the titles of the playlists will be clues to some of my favorite books. I know people who love music typically love words. So, let's see who gets these? Maybe I'll mail out some presents if you do. Heck, maybe I'll shoot your wedding for free if you get them all.  



a playlist for wild summer driving, late night work sessions, and restless feet


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