These are two of my dearest friends.

You see, way back in 2009, we were on what could loosely be described as a double date to a campfire. The evening quickly revealed itself to be a date for James and Anastasia, and I was their delightful third wheel, listening quietly as they flirted back and forth. From topics of great literature and history to constellations and flowers, they were lost in their own world, and I had a front row seat to the beginning of their story. 

It was this very night that James shared that if he ever had a daughter, he would like to name her Penelope Parkin, so she could be Penny Parkin. Anastasia laughed in agreement, and ever since, I've been waiting for them to get married and have a baby. 

While they passed on the name Penny during Anastasia's pregnancy, they still hit this one out of the park (in my opinion). Meet Theodore. Two of my favorite people made a precious baby, and I can only imagine that he will hold the chivalrous nature of his father and the grace and free spirit of his mother, and will - undoubtedly - be fantastic. 

Keep 'em coming, guys. 

ps. It was solely my idea for James to try tossing Theodore up in the air. If it makes you uncomfortable, blame me. Anastasia just about had a heart attack. But what else are aunties for?