I've never not had brown hair. I realize this is not a riveting topic, but for someone who has been (and greatly enjoyed being) a solid brunette for twenty-five years (and accidentally became a blonde), not being a brunette is a shocker. A "must-go-eat-endless-quesadillas-at-my-friend-Jillian's-because-I-can't-make-it-home-to-face-my-husband" shocker. (Jillian, you're a lifesaver. And Joshua, thanks for loving it.)

Girls change their hairs all of the time. I have friends who are blonde one week, brunette the next, and some crazy combination in the weeks following. I know of an incredible musician, Macy K, who rocks blue hair like it actually grew out of her head. It's a thing. This hair-changing game. I'm just a newbie, but since I can't justify going and having my entire head re-dyed, I'm here to rock it. 

I'll report back on if blondes really do have more fun. (No, I won't.)

As promised, another literary-named playlist full of songs that I've been singing this past week. Do you know the book? On the right, you'll find links to love this weekend: our favorite family shoot to-date, a thoughtful documentary, and something that might make you laugh. (Did you miss the last playlist "TIMSHEL"? No worries. Go here.)


a playlist comprised of all the songs I walked around singing in the last two weeks



Proof. ^

Two of my favorite friends, James and Anastasia, made potentially my favorite baby, Theodore. Then we took photos. 

Do you know how your clothes are made? After watching quite a few documentaries and reading up on some of my (old) favorite companies, we've decided only to purchase ethically-made clothing from companies that can prove their practices. (Gosh, I'll miss you, Madewell.) If you're interested in knowing the effects of your fashion choices, start here

Whine About It: The Worst Things About Being An Adult. Dude, I hear ya. Guac is extra.