Yesterday was a doozy of all things crazy and good, but to understand fully you need some background. 

I can't parallel park, therefore I usually find sneaky ways to trick people into driving me around cities. I have my Philadelphia friend, Hana, who is susceptible to bribes of dirty chais and Thai food, so she often drives me around the city. I also persuaded Josh into marrying me so that he could be my forever parallel-parker. Somehow, though, they both were busy this week and I had to drive alone to Philadelphia to face my parallel fears. 

Well, I had a great day. I found spots easily and I was able to pull straight into them. No parallel parking for me! I was celebrating my good fortune by grabbing lunch at HipCityVeg (a Philly favorite for me) and walking to Rittenhouse Square to sit, eat, read, and - let's be honest - people watch. After a bit, I grabbed my phone to see if Ron or Natalie had emailed me about our shoot later that night, but my phone was black and refused to turn on. With my vast knowledge of technology, I declared it broken. 

Now, I'm currently reading More or Less and the chapter I had just finished (mere moments before) explained how we often claim certain items as necessities when in reality they are just conveniences. Hello, iPhone. So I thought to myself, "Okay, sure, I guess I'll start putting this into practice today. I'm in a city I don't know, without any way to contact a friend or my couple, and no Google maps. All right, my phone most definitely makes my life easier. But I don't need it." I thought my broken phone was the biggest problem I'd face yesterday, but it actually was the biggest blessing.

Since I had a broken phone (and needed to fix it), I headed back towards my car much earlier than planned. GUESS WHAT I FOUND. A massive orange "TOW" sticker on my back windshield and a $76 ticket on my front windshield. I looked around waiting for some mean-mugging tow man to come and rip my car right off of the street, leaving me stranded, and probably maybe potentially crying. I guess when the parking sign doesn't list certain hours, it doesn't mean free parking, huh? In Gettysburg it does, but Philadelphia, you are so weird. 

I raced to my car, ripped the tow sticker off of the back, and just started driving. I had no idea where I was or where I was going or if there was an AT&T store nearby, and please do not forget, reader, that I cannot parallel park and I was center city Philadelphia - with a tow warrant out on my car (in my imagination, every tow man in Philadelphia was driving around looking for me). Eventually, I found parking and the AT&T store, and I was on my way to the engagement shoot. But guys, imagine if my car had been towed and my phone was broken

I just want you to actually, fully imagine that. 

Okay, let's continue. I arrived about an hour early to our meet spot, because it was unmarked and I have a tendency to get lost. What do I find but a police officer writing tickets to everyone exiting from where I think I'm supposed to be going later. I asked him and he confirmed that our location is private property and we were not to enter it. What else could Philadelphia do to really make my day a bit more difficult yesterday, you know? 

Cue Natalie and Ron. It's always a good thing when you and your couple have similar ideas about shenanigans and adventure. I will not comment on what we decided to do, but I will tell you that we ended the night sitting on the steps of some store eating the some of the best tacos I've ever had.