I am aptly named. I really don't think my parents could have done a better job matching my name to my one-day personality. I only wear fall colors, I absolutely hate the sun, I cannot wait to see the green and bright colors disappear from nature, and gosh, give me some moody weather and slight chill to my bones. Magically, I'm a happy person.

But really. The first few days of fall, I am ecstatic. I bounce around the house declaring ridiculous statements like, "Josh, I FEEL LIKE I AM ALIVE AGAIN!" or "IF I RULED THE WORLD, IT WOULD ALWAYS BE ME-TIME."

The problem is that this deep aching for fall always starts on August 1st. I know that it's still summer, I know that it's hot through September, but August sounds like school which means fall is coming.

Let's just usher it in with this playlist, shall we? (You can also listen to TIMSHEL and MAYCOMB.)


a playlist for those eagerly anticipating the upcoming fall season and thoroughly believe it should be the only season --- ever


These two remind me of Wes Anderson characters, but if he wrote a novel. Their portraits hit the journal earlier this week. See them here

Last time, I shared that we're trying only to purchase ethically-made clothing and products around here. It's kind of hard and daunting when you start out, and you honestly wonder if everything ethically/American-made is hideous or crazy expensive. The American Edit is helpful.

As always, something to make you laugh. British TV is my favorite, and my best friend just introduced me to the IT Crowd. This clip is everything.