Right before we left for our back-to-back trips to Maine and Costa Rica, I had a full schedule in Philadelphia: four portraits and one wedding in the span of five days. Ridiculously, my goal was to edit each session before the next, so that I could deliver all of the images before I left, meaning I didn't have to work on my trips and my couples didn't have to wait four or five weeks for their images. Somehow, I did it. But I think I need to give theses two some credit.

Rob and Chelsea were my final session while on my way back home. It could have been a very empty session - I was admittedly tired - but my time spent with them was so incredibly life-giving that I felt re-charged and inspired as if it was the first of my shoots that week. We talked of the trials and joys of marriage, how desperately we need grace in our lives, good books, weird historical facts, Rob's almost-finished book (!), and Chelsea's mad design skills (!). I'm not exactly sure how Chelsea and I never crossed paths and became friends at Grove City College, but I am forever grateful that my love of storytelling consistently brings some of the most incredible and interesting friends into my life. 

Rob and Chelsea, here's to year two.