I am notoriously bad at blogging. In fact, I've blogged maybe three sessions from this year, which is just ridiculous because (1) I have so many and (2) I adore my couples and their sessions. So, this week - if for only this week - I am committed to blogging two weddings a day. Guys, just saying that overwhelms me. Wedding days are so full in both feeling and events, and it takes time to craft a good blog post that accurately depicts the day. But it needs to happen. So, here we go.

Sarah emailed me just before she and Andrew were engaged, which is actually completely normal in the wedding world. We bounced emails back and forth, and she said she'd be in touch in the future. Here's the thing about "in the future," you never really know if you'll hear from someone again, but with Sarah, I really hoped I would. Her emails let me see her great love for the Lord, her sweet relationship with Andrew, and her sense of humor. I knew, if given the chance, we'd be fast friends. So let it be said, so let it be done.

I actually did hear back from Sarah and Andrew; such joy followed! Their entire wedding day was a perfect blend of sincere worship of the Lord and ridiculous shenanigans. Their bridal parties were hilarious and their families were incredibly kind to us. We laughed, we ran around Yale, and we ate the most delicious meal (thanks again, Andrew and Sarah!). While no one actually laughed at my Rory Gilmore jokes, Josh and I left the wedding in agreement that we would like to spend time with this group in real life. It was almost bittersweet driving out of Connecticut, but it makes me happy to know that these two are out in the world together, bringing joy and peace to those with whom they spend time. 

Andrew and Sarah, let's take a look at your gorgeous wedding day!

Wedding dress: BHLDN
Florist: KLW Design Co.
Catering: Harvest Wine Bar & Restaurant