I've basically been pregnant since we got back from our European jaunt earlier this year, which means that I've been pregnant at every shoot and wedding since we arrived back on US soil in April. And no one knew until a few weeks ago. I know it's exciting to announce your pregnancy and the norm is to announce around 12 weeks, but it was seriously so much fun walking around with this huge secret that only our family and close friends knew about for six months. So. Fun. I felt like a spy or an FBI agent, or someone cool and important. 

We had a few reasons for keeping our lady baby to ourselves for so long, but one main reason I kept it from clients was because I didn't want anyone to worry that I would be second-rate for their wedding. If I had to guess, I would say no one noticed a thing. And now, here we are in the final seven weeks of my wedding season!

I'm mentioning all of these fun facts because at Ryan and Sammi's wedding, I was "in" on a family secret about a pregnant guest. We talked about her early pregnancy experience and her symptoms, apartment set-ups with babies, etc. and I never mentioned my own pregnancy. I'm not a very good liar but I felt stealthy acting like I didn't know a thing about pregnancy! I loved that Ryan and Sammi let me join in their family's excitement about Ryan's sister's pregnancy. If you know Ryan and Sammi, then you already know how welcoming they are with guests and how at ease you feel when you spend time with them. It was such a lovely day and they made me a huge fan of brunch weddings. Hint hint

At the bottom of this post, you'll also be able to view their wedding video, which was shot by my team's videographer (and my brother-in-law), Sam!



Enjoy seeing the day from another point of view!

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