Let me list all of the reasons why I like Elyse:
1. She may be the most organized bride I've ever had (and I've had quite a few this year!).
2. Once we announced our lady baby, she began to address me as "Preggers" in her emails.
3. She ordered pizza for a getting ready snack before the pizza and I had a slice too. 
4. There was a french fry bar at their wedding. Who doesn't want a pile of french fries alongside roasted vegetables and fancy salmon? 

I also really like Chris and here are some reasons so he doesn't feel left out:
1. He may be the most chill groom I've ever had (again, I get quite a few of these).
2. He had no idea what the schedule was for the day and yet somehow managed to be on time to everything.
3. When Elyse felt a little anxious before the ceremony, I asked her what might make her feel better and she answered, "Chris." So props to this guy for being such a comfort to his wife.
4. Not to be repetitive BUT there was a french fry bar at their wedding. Awesome? Yes.