I have the unique position of graduating from a college where many of its students are engaged by the time they leave campus. I like to poke fun at this (#ringbyspring), but I was one of them (which makes poking fun okay?) and I'm pretty confident I snagged the greatest guy there (sorry!). Anyway, this means that I have quite a few emails rolling into my inbox each May from students at Grove City College. I used to know the majority of them, but now that I've been out of school for four years, I sometimes don't really know anything about the couples anymore. 

When I heard from Mary, I knew a little bit about her because she's the younger sister of my husband's best friend. I assumed I would like her very much because I very much like her brother; I was right! Mary is such a delight to be around, and she has an overwhelmingly peaceful spirit and a solid sense of humor. Jon is a perfect match to her in so many ways! He is warm hearted, intelligent, and together they make such beautiful music!

It was my pleasure to be along for their wedding day in Ohio at Hale Farm and Village. The property is truly gorgeous, so if you're looking for a venue out that way, give them a shout!