It's always a huge encouragement to me when I hear from another photographer about shooting a session for him or her, because, hello, photographers judge your work on a totally different level than clients do. So, when Sarah (a talented photographer herself) reached out about an anniversary session, I had a nice ego boost and immediately began to plan for a killer session.

We headed out to one of my favorite spots: the White Cliffs of Conoy. I've been twice before, but my first trip out started too late and we were shooting almost in the dark, and the second time, well, Storm Jonas had just dumped nine million feet of snow on the ground. So, I've been itching to get back out there on a nice, normal evening. Do any other photographers out there hold onto location ideas until the right couple emails you? I do. I'm not embarrassed by it. 

When I read Sarah's email, I knew they were the perfect two to take out on a golden spring evening.

And when you know, you know.