I, myself, am not all too hip, but I have hip friends. 

My friend Kriste - yes, the same associate lady Kriste - runs a nice blog called Rosemary & Thyme. I sort of forget it has a following because I read it like she just writes updates for me. Apparently, she's writing for a heck of lot of people and not just little 'ole me. One super appealing perk to blogging is the possibility of getting a lot of free things and working with sweet brands. Again, I do not have this sweet luxury but my hip lady friend does, and I get to tag along as her blog photographer sometimes when she receives the goods. It's always a jolly time.

But then, the most magical thing happened.

If you're a, um, girl, then you probably love Madewell (all ages, all sizes, all styles). We do. I mean, Kriste and I really love Madewell. And what do you know? A chain of magical events: Kriste got pregnant - Madewell sent her some goods for a collaboration on keeping your style while pregnant - I was chosen to photograph. These are the things that make up magical moments, my friends! We had a fun, but freezing, time up on the top deck of a parking garage shooting these images for Kriste's post. 

You can see her full post here, which also includes which pieces she's wearing (hello good maternity jeans!). 


Disclaimer: These images were shot for Rosemary & Thyme for her collaboration with Madewell. Not mine. I like to be clear about these things.