If you haven't heard, my associate photographer, Kriste, is having a baby! Like any day now! Naturally, I cannot wait. Our babies are so close in age, I cannot wait to see the friendship between them unfold in the coming years. Also, Kriste and I can finally begin our little baby hangs without one of us being pregnant. If you've ever been pregnant, I think you'll remember how ready you are to deliver by the end of your experience. I hit that point in mid-December. I think Kriste is there now. 

And yet, look at how insanely beautiful she is in the photos below! We ventured out to Esbenshade's greenhouse a few weeks ago to peruse the green goods and take advantage of the picturesque backdrops. Kriste loves a good plant and I made jokes about all of the new life surrounding us, so it was an afternoon of chuckles and joy. While we talked about what she's most excited for regarding their new little son, I snapped a few frames to forever save this time for her and her husband, David. 

Baby J, welcome to our crew!