Meet two of my all-time favorite people: Clint and Jillian.

Or, as they're known around our house: Uncle Clint and Auntie Jillian. 

Jillian and I were both invited to a "girls' night" in Gettysburg a few years ago to watch a movie called Austenland. It's a weirdly amazing movie about a girl who is obsessed with all things Jane Austen and eventually makes her way to a vacation spot known as Austenland. She dresses up in period clothing, falls in love, etcetera etcetera. In a silent room of strangers, Jillian and I laughed at the exact same moments during this odd film and we were the only people eating all of the popcorn. 

Naturally, a friendship was born. 

Fast forward to now, and these two are some of our very best friends! And the proud godparents of our super cute baby. They asked me to take one quick photo for them so they could update the photo on their DiscipleMakers prayer card. I believe the proposed location was my porch. But that was a horrible idea and I decided to highjack the moment and plan an entire shoot! We ended up out at one of my favorite spots - the White Cliffs of Conoy - and ran around screaming about kissing and how gross it is. Because it's actually kind of weird to watch your besties kissing through a viewfinder.