Meet Vinny and Jen. 

I really love working with high school sweethearts. I don't know why exactly, but the romantic in me adores the idea of finding your person so early in life and watching them grow and change into a proper spouse. So, as you can imagine, I was all heart-eyed while standing out on the New Jersey coastline listening to a story about how Vinny asked Jen to high school prom and how she said yes.

Then she said no. 

So I quickly went from heart-eyed to laughing hysterically while jumping across the rocks to get just the right angle for my next frame. That's right. Jen said yes and then she said no. It doesn't seem like Vinny was deterred by her refusal to his prom proposal, since she's now wearing an engagement ring from his marriage proposal. I say, when all things are considered, that the joke's on Jen. Because Vinny definitely won the war, even if he lost the high school battle. 

I'll be back in New Jersey for their November wedding and I cannot wait to celebrate with them. I think these photos have a lot of life in them, and after spending a couple of hours watching these two, I am excited to celebrate with them at what will most certainly be a party. Let's hear it for could-have-been-high-school-sweethearts!