I can now check "driving in NYC" off of my bucket list.

Well, I guess it was never actually on my bucket list but I did feel some sense of accomplishment as I parked in Brooklyn on Friday evening. I was just early enough to feel like a responsible person who left enough time in case of traffic, but not early enough to really venture around Chris and Nina's neighborhood before we were supposed to meet. But one thing I love about engagement sessions is that they are basically neighborhood explorations. 

Chris and Nina took me out to Red Hook - an area I had not previously explored - and we were able to enjoy the random 100 degree weather, the perfect golden light, and a relatively empty area of Brooklyn. I honestly didn't know there was such a place. We walked leisurely around the water, only ignored one trespassing sign, and found ourselves at a key lime nook where they claim they are one of two(?) places in the United States that actually use real key lime. You heard me. Apparently no one else does. 

How's that for a Friday evening?